In de Natuur Tekenklas leer je kijken

Aan de slag Dit najaar is de Natuur Tekenklas van start gegaan als pilot. We hadden enkele opgeprikte exemplaren van Natuurmuseum Brabant in bruikleen gekregen en we hadden enkele levende krekels, slakken, padden, spinnen en sprinkhanen. Ook mocht onze wandelende tak Takkie

Small animals

Hide and seek View this serie > Hidden under stones and leafs they guardedly follow my every movement.

Beetles and bugs

Sheathed wing View this serie > Beetles are the most enjoyable insects to observe. Sometimes they look like miniature military vehicles or heavy construction equipment (earth-boring beetle). Some can be really fast and ferocious (carabus). Some hover at sunset with a deep glance like metallic

Butterflies and moths

Fade to grey View this serie > I am most fascinated by the nocturnal butterfly. Because of it’s magnificant detailed furry patterns and bright markings. But if it sits quietly you cannot tell the difference between the wingspread butterfly and a piece of bark.

Cold-blooded animals

Reptiles and amphibians View this serie > For Animal Park De Oliemeulen (The oilmill) I made these series of drawings. 

Insects and other arthropods

Take a closer look View this serie > Insects are part of a bigger animal group called arthropods. An arthropod is an invertebrate animal having an exoskeleton (external skeleton), a segmented body, and jointed appendages. Arthropods form the phylum Arthropoda, and include

Nuts and seeds

In a nutshell View this serie > Nature is a world of treasure and my son is a big collector of everything he lays his eyes on in the schoolyard, the forest, the park or on the beach. So after a while I

Nature objects

Still life View this serie > If you take a little piece of nature out of its environment, it becomes an object of studie. Or a work of art. It reveals a world of its own.

Crickets and grasshoppers

Catch me if you can View this serie > It jumps up when you silently approach through the long grass. When you catch it it tickles in the palm of your hands. When you open your hands it bounces back into the long grass where you

Nature development

Rare and common species View this serie > Nature organisations want to preserve and restore the natural environment in order to increase the amount and variety of species of animals and plants that originally belong there but have disappeared due to extensive

Oak tree

Fruit and vegetables

Colour is taste View this serie > Drawing is just like cooking. If you add a certain amount of colour suddenly the fruit and vegetables become tasty.